Land Use: Applications for rezoning from Residential 1 to Business 4 - 3rd & 4th Avenue

We have been notified of two rezone applications  from Resident 1 to Business 4 for properties 71 3rd Avenue (Erf 298)  & 72 4th Avenue (Erf 370). The owner is the same for both properties, located adjacent to each other whereby the intention is to utilize both properties for offices.   PROVINCIAL NOTICE 1037 OF 2017 CITY OF JOHANNESBURG METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY NOTICE FOR THE AMENDMENT OF THE JOHANNESBURG TOWN PLANNING […]


Noise Nuisance Information & Complaint Procedure

We have received an informational pack from our Ward Councillor Bridget Steer with regards to Noise Pollution which includes: Understanding Noise Pollution Noise Control Regulations Standard Operating Procedure for Handling Noise Nuisances Information and procedure with regard to Noise Nuisance Complaints Reduced / Sample Affidavit Environmental Health Managers & RH Managers Contact list South African law makes a distinction between ‘Disturbing Noise’ – which is “objective and is defined as […]


Updated list of Approved Communes in Melville

The City of Johannesburg defines a commune as: ” Means a dwelling house where the habitable rooms are rented out for an extended period to unrelated persons who share the communal facilities such as the kitchen, lounge, dining room and bathrooms. “   Approved & Registered Communes in Melville (Sept 2016)     The following documents are available for download: City of Johannesburg: Commune Policy City of Johannesburg: All Communes […]