The Look and Log guide is a cut-out-and-keep guide for all your logging needs as a City of Johannesburg ratepayer. Ward councillors across the City encourage residents to make use of the guide, which is not an official City document, to help log different service delivery issues.
It provides residents with options to report street lights that are not working, fallen trees, dumping, vagrants, a motor vehicle accident, refunds, Metro Bus timetables and bin requests, among others.

The guide was created by Ward 102 councillor, David Potter in 2013. “Many residents had no clue how to log issues; the City had implemented so many ‘mini’ call centres and alternative places to log queries.

Look and Log is a catchy phrase that gets people involved in their suburbs by looking and then logging.” he said.
Potter said the information in the guide could be revised if the City’s customer charter, which includes the response times to issues logged, are changed.

As active citizens who live, work and play in the City of Johannesburg you need to get involved and LOOK AND LOG. That way you hold the local government officials accountable for service delivery.

The councillors in the City of Johannesburg serve as the interface between the citizens they represent and the municipal officials who design and implement development polices. The councillor’s job is not just to serve as the voice of the people, for the expression of their community needs, but also to act as a watchdog and ensure the municipality implements policies to address the needs of citizens. It is therefore important that should issues you log not be adequately addressed, such be brought to the attention of your local Ward or PR councillor.

Each issue has an expected turn-around time. If you have logged the issue and the issue is not resolved in the given turn-around time, then you can send a request to escalate via SMS, WHATSAPP or EMAIL to our ward councillor Bridget Steer | 083 604 0404 |

Please provide the following information should you wish to escalate to councillor:

  • Your name
  • Your contact details
  • A brief description of the issue (no long histories)
  • The exact location of the issue
  • A reference number

Visit the Look and Log website ( or download the guide by clicking here.