Dear Melville Community,

We have been alerted to the rezoning application of NCW. The rezoning is from “Residential 1” / “Special” to “Business 3” . This will allow for the operation of “shops, offices, restaurants, drycleaners and launderettes” at this location.


The two properties are adjacent to Main Road and are located at 3 Tenth Avenue and 46 Main Road.


The full application is available for review here:


Erf 879

Erf 1021

The MRA has already objected to these applications and the objections are available for review and as a basis for your own objection if you wish to object as well:
How to Object:
If you wish to object, please send your personalised and signed objection for either or both properties to az.gro.grubojnull@gninnalpsnoitcejbo as well as moc.liamgnull@psenaynizm and az.oc.ellivlemevolinull@esudnal-arm by the 24th April 2019.


Templates for your objection are available here: