The arrival of 27 boxes on our doorstep has brought both opportunities and challenges for residents, especially those living near to the development.

The MRA, through its physical environment committee, has decided to form a subcommittee made up of interested and affected residents, which will focus on 27 boxes with a view to:

  1. recording and investigating complaints about noise, crime, traffic congestion and other disturbances;
  2. obtaining information from the authorities relative to the restrictions presently in place for the property;
  3. liaising with law enforcement agencies, Melville Security Initiative, Melville Business Forum and centre management to effectively address the challenges we face as a result of the development.

The MRA remains committed to protecting residents’ interests and promoting transparency and accountability in our community.

Residents who would like to join the group are invited to send details to before Friday 30 October upon which the MRA will respond with details of the first meeting to be held early in November 2015.