Developers have put in an application to change the zoning of the strip of land between Campus Square and Streatley Avenue, Auckland Park, (the empty strip of land north of Campus Square) to allow for six storey high student housing for the University of Johannesburg.



This piece of land was specifically zoned as a buffer zone between the historical residential area, which has +/-6 properties over 100 years old, and the commercial zone (Campus Square). The Erf has been exempted from densification zoning because of the age of the historical properties.

The University of Johannesburg has made several attempts to develop this piece of land which has residential 1 zoning rights, with the condition that properties must match those on the residential side 2:1 with a 2 storey restriction.  The existing zoning limits the buildings to two stories and the property sizes to half the size of the northern ervan on Streatley; also the existing road already encroaches on this Erf.


With this application, they (UJ) are applying for rezoning with no restrictions, but they have  not only flouted the process but also have not posted any written notifications as required. This will negatively affect all the properties on the hill to the north of Campus Square (ie between Campus Square and First Ave Melville).



All objections have to be submitted to the Development Planning office by the 18th of December 2015.

Objectors do not have to include reasons as they can present these at the tribunal; it is however crucial to get the list of objectors through to the Development Planning office as once the tribunal starts, no additional objectors will be allowed. Objectors can always withdraw their objections at a later stage.

Reasons for objection

  • When the entire Erf 1114 was rezoned, the strip of land between Campus Square in the south and Streatley Avenue in the north (now known as Erf 2/1114) was designated as a buffer zone between Campus Square and the residential suburb to the North. A six storey high, densely built student complex contravenes this intention and the town planning principles which dictated the existing zoning.
  • According to the Corridors of Freedom documents, Erf2/1114 is not demarcated as an area targeted for high densification of six storey high buildings. It was specifically not zoned for high densification because of the heritage nature of the residences to the north, where there are more than five properties that are over 100 years old and the majority of the suburb has buildings over 65 years old.
  • According to town planning principles, densification should be integrated in increments. Erf 2/1114 is surrounded by one and two storey high buildings. On the southern side of Kingsway, the residences are only three stories high. Rezoning erf2/1114, to allow for six story high student residences, contravenes basic town planning principles.
  • Assurances were given in presenting the development programme in 2013, and subsequently, that services would be upgraded to ensure that the increased needs for water, electricity, sewerage etc can be met. The infrastructure servicing this Erf is very old and will not cope with the increased load of this rezoning.

Residents can download a template objection form (word doc), sign it and email it to Jane Griffiths and Willem Coetzee before close of business by Monday 14 December 2015. Alternatively printed copies can be delivered to 29 Streatley Avenue, Auckland Park.

The Melville Residents’ Association will be submitting an objection in favour of opposing this rezoning application.

For more information, please contact either Jane Griffiths or Willem Coetzee.