MRA's Draft Objection for Shisa Namya

  The Melville Residents’ Association’s draft objection for the liquor licence application for Shisa Namya is now available for download.   Residents are welcome to download and use the MRA’s Draft Objection to Shisa Nyama Restaurant Liquor Licence. Just Download, Print, Date & Sign and drop off at Postnet as per the objection process; alternatively you are still welcome to write your own to submit.    


Liquor Licence Application Notice: Restaurant Licence - Shisa Namya

The Melville Residents’ Association would like to bring the following Liquor Application to the attention of the Melville Community. Applicant Name:  Orifile Investment (PTY) LTD Intended Trading Name: Shisa Namya Melville Address & Location: 08 Main Road, Melville Type of Licence: Restaurant Agent for Orifile Investment (PTY) LTDs:  Lehlaga Sebake – A copy of the application form is available for download:Shisa Namya Application date:  06 November 2015 Closing Date […]


Gauteng Liquor Board Hearing: Stones Melville

Please take notice of this amended summons to Stones, Melville, 18th & 19th of November 2015 at 08:30 Issue: To answer allegations that Stones-Melville is contravening the provisions of the Liquor Act and the Regulations in that the premises are operated until 04:00 instead of 02:00 The premises are operated as a Night Club in clear contravention of the type of licence issued by the board Noise proliferation or nuisance. […]


Liquor Application Update: The Countess

In line with our policy on liquor licences, objecting to all liquor applications, the MRA Committee engaged with the applicant for The Countess at 27 Boxes in regards to the liquor licence sought by it and its intended operations. This engagement bore fruit in the form of an agreement between the MRA Committee and the applicant which sets out terms and conditions to be incorporated in the licence which is […]


27Boxes Interested Residents Group

The arrival of 27 boxes on our doorstep has brought both opportunities and challenges for residents, especially those living near to the development. The MRA, through its physical environment committee, has decided to form a subcommittee made up of interested and affected residents, which will focus on 27 boxes with a view to: recording and investigating complaints about noise, crime, traffic congestion and other disturbances; obtaining information from the authorities […]