“Businesses and residents must thrive in unity but when it comes to safety and combating crimes, it’s non-negotiable with us.” – MMC Sun

Thank you to MMC Michael Sun and his team for coming to Melville. We appreciate your help.


The joint operation on Tuesday, which included two emergency management services inspectors, was in response to complaints by residents.

As many as 80 Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department members and 37 traffic wardens were part of the Operation Buya Mthetho conducted in Melville, where businesses where inspected for safety compliance and crime prevention.

Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Public Safety, Councillor Michael Sun said of the 11 establishments that were inspected seven were found to be non-compliant and were issued citations.

“Out of the seven businesses inspected four were closed down for contravening various fire safety regulations which post serious safety risks to their patrons. Further contraventions ranged from no emergency exits, no signage on escape routes to no fire extinguishers,” said Sun.

“We want to support businesses in the City and see them flourish, but ensuring safety and combating criminal activities are non-negotiable.”

The joint operation on Tuesday, which included two Emergency Management Services inspectors, was in response to complaints by residents. The grievances ranged from criminal activities, blatant by-law infringements and non-adherence to traffic regulations.

“When the residents in Melville told us what was happening, we took immediate action to deal with the problems. We hope through intervention and guidance, the contraventions will be rectified and businesses can continue to serve their patrons legally and safely,” said Sun.

“We also want to state in no uncertain terms that Operation Buya Mthetho will be a regular occurrence in the area and we will be involving other role players such as the Gauteng Provincial Liquor Board, Environmental Health and the South African Police Services as part of the operation.

“It is the department’s position that businesses and residents must thrive in unity and respect each other’s rights and no contraventions will be left undealt with. Operation Buya Mthetho will continue every week to ensure offenders adhere to the laws and by-laws.”

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