Liquor & Land Use Non Compliance: Ideal Cafe, Capella & Stones

The Melville Residents’ Association and specifically its MSI (Melville Security Initiative), Landuse and Liquor Portfolio committees require your urgent attention to escalate matters relating to public safety, health and safety, security, compliance to landuse bylaws and liquor laws in Melville.   This endeavour follows on the petition that more than 800 individuals signed for general by-law enforcement and which lead to a number of raids in Melville. However, the past […]


JPC RFP, lease of Melville Sports Centre Tennis Courts & Clubhouse update

Dear Melville community The City of Johannesburg have recently put out a public tender for the occupation and use of the tennis courts at the bottom of 9th Street. The MRA is not formally submitting a tender, but will provide support to any individual or group within the Melville community that would like to submit a proposal. It is important that we get one (or several) proposals from the Melville […]


RFP for the lease of Melville Sports Centre Tennis Courts & Clubhouse

We have been notified of a request for proposals for the lease of the Melville Sports Centre Tennis Courts & Clubhouse for Sports and Recreational purposes and related ancillary uses by the City of Johannesburg Property Company (JPC) A copy of the advert and tender are available for download RFP 08/2019 (Advert) Tender Document   Interested parties need to contact JPC directly for the tender documents.  


#BuyaMthetho Operation in Melville

There was another Buya Mthetho operation in Melville last night (7th Street, 4th Avenue & Main Road). The focus was on the more problematic bylaw compliance issues. Noise issues were also attended to and notices were issued. One specific “restaurant” on Main will be referred to land use law enforcement for operating illegally as a night club. Thank you to all those who participated, thank you Michael Sun (and his […]


Businesses in Melville shut down in Joburg safety operation

“Businesses and residents must thrive in unity but when it comes to safety and combating crimes, it’s non-negotiable with us.” – MMC Sun Thank you to MMC Michael Sun and his team for coming to Melville. We appreciate your help.   The joint operation on Tuesday, which included two emergency management services inspectors, was in response to complaints by residents. As many as 80 Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department members and […]


Beagle Watch Presents: Melville Domestic Forum Training

Melville Security Initiative – Beagle Watch presents Melville Domestic Forum Training Sessions


Happy New Year 2019

Dear Melville Community,   After a particularly turbulent year for Melville and South Africa in general, the MRA Executive Committee would like to thank the Melville residents and businesses for their contribution in various ways to ensuring that Melville remains a livable, walkable and diverse neighbourhood. In addition, our ward councillor, Bridget Steer, has been invaluable in assisting residents with their various queries and is hopefully enjoying her well earned break. […]


MRA - Complaints database

Dear Melville Community,   There have been some complaints ranging from noisy businesses, infrastructure or even displaced people that are occupying street corners and public land.   In this regard, the MRA has now made a complaint form available that will be captured to an independent MRA database and will be shared with the ward councillor as well. Please use the form below in order to lodge a complaint, after […]


Melville Security Initiative (MSI) (part of the Melville Residents Association) finally recovers its money from the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB)

In 2012/2013 the managing agent of the MSI, a registered estate agent with the EAAB, misappropriated a portion of the residents’ funds held in their EAAB Trust account. The MSI submitted a claim to the EAAB in 2013 and followed all the requirements of the Estate Agency Affairs Act in order to recover the stolen funds. After completing all the requirements (including taking the previous managing agent to court) in late […]


Petition - Bylaw Enforcement

Dear Melville Community, We have had an uptick in complaints about noise emanating from certain bars/restaurants and from public drinking on Main Road. May we ask that you consider signing the petition on, which was drafted by members of the MRA. Our ward councillor, Bridget Steer has indicated that the size of the problem requires the attention of the MMC and we need a petition with plenty of signatures […]