Update: Application for rezoning - Six storey high, dense student housing

In December 2015 we brought to your attention an application for rezoning for a Six Storey High, dense student housing on Streatley Avenue, Auckland Park (opposite Campus Square). We have been informed by the Auckland Park Residents’ Association (APRA) of yet another application to rezone the same property, as the December 2015 application. Rezoning Application 2016-05-09   APRA comments on this application: The site is already zoned ‘Special’ for residential […]


PHRAG: Call for nominations of heritage sites within Gauteng

The Gauteng Heritage Resources Authority (PHRAG) is responsible for the management of Grade II heritage resources (i.e. heritage resources that are of provincial significance/as stipulated in section 8(1) of the National Heritage Resources Act. In accordance with section 34 of the Act, no person may alter or demolish any structure or part of a structure which is older than 60 years and without a permit from PHRAG. These are identified by this […]


Pedestrian bridge at Campus Square - Update

Dear Community, You may have attended the public meeting earlier this year in which the JDA presented to us the plan for a raised pedestrian bridge at Campus Square. The bridge was envisioned as a solution to the problem of repeated accidents involving pedestrians using the intersection. Many residents expressed concerns about this solution and the costs of implementing it, and so the Auckland Park Residents’ Association (APRA)  facilitated a […]


Postponement of Vagrancy Workshop

Dear Residents, Please take note of the postponement notification for the vagrancy workshop as received (this afternoon) from Ward Councillor. The workshop will now take place on Saturday 2 July 2016. Please RSVP directly with Councillor via email should you wish to attend. The Melville Residents’ Association “Dear MRA Members, RE: DATE CHANGE FOR VAGRANT WORKSHOP Thank you for your interest in attending the Workshop on Vagrancy. Unfortunately, the Speaker […]


Vagrancy Workshop

“Dear MRA members, This is a reminder of the Vagrancy workshop I have arranged for next week Wednesday. Date: 22 June 2016 Time: 08h30 to 1230 Venue: The Pavilion room, Marks Park Sports Club The workshop is aimed at councillors, Residents Associations, CPF members, local NGOs working in the field of Displaced People, the JMPD, the SAPS, security companies and any other parties wishing to find solutions to the issue […]


The Heritage Assessment in the Corridors of Freedom

The following is a message from the heritage consultants who have done the heritage impact assessment for the Corridors of Freedom, of which includes Auckland Park, Melville & Westdene. Tsica heritage consultants is pleased to announce that a draft Heritage Impact Assessment for the Corridors of Freedom (Knowledge Precinct) is now available for public comment in hard copy at the Melville Library and online http://bit.ly/Draft_HIAs_and_CMPs and http://www.theheritageportal.co.za/notice/corridors-freedom-project-knowledge-precinct-draft-hia-available-comment. The public is invited […]


Gauteng Liquor Board Hearing: Stones Melville

We have received notice from the Gauteng Liquor Board regarding a hearing for Stones Melville on the 2nd of June 2016 as per Section 23 of the liquor act, no 2 of 2003. Application GAU/100880C refers: To allow Stones Melville to respond to the issues raised at the hearing held on the 18th & 19th November 2015. To answer allegations that Stones Melville is contravening the provisions of the Liquor […]


Rezone Application: Amendment of Portion 6 of Erf 595 Melville

The Melville Residents’ Association would like to bring the following rezoning application for Amendment of Portion 6 of Erf 595 to the attention of the Melville Community as printed in Gazette Vol. 22, No 145. Objections in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing within a period of 28 days from 20 April 2016  to the Executive Director: Development Planning Transportation and Environment.   PORTION […]


Melville Security Initiative: Camera Update

  We are delighted to share with you that the first set of Security Cameras installed by the Melville Security Initiative is now live and streaming through to the CSS Command Centre. A total of 78 cameras will be activated in the next couple of weeks in order to help combat crime.     The Melville Security Initiative invites you to an open meeting on Thursday, 21 April 2016 at […]


Liquor Application Update: Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar

In line with our policy on liquor licences, objecting to all liquor applications, the MRA Committee engaged with the applicant for Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar at Shop 1 & 2 7th Street, Melville in regards to the liquor licence sought by it and its intended operations. This engagement bore fruit in the form of an agreement between the MRA Committee and the applicant which sets out terms and conditions to be incorporated in […]