Thank you Vumatel

  The Melville Residents’ Association would like to express their thanks to the super team at Vumatel for arranging a special clean up through-out our suburb by emptying rubbish bins, this past Sunday, 10 April 2016.  We really appreciate your support and being part of our community!     Clean it with Vuma!   MELVILLE – Vumatel took to the streets of Melville to empty dustbins during the Pikitup strike. […]


Rezone Application: Guest house on 3rd Street

The Melville Residents’ Association would like to bring the following rezoning application for a guest house on 3rd avenue to the attention of the Melville Community as printed in Gazette Vol. 22. Objections in respect of the application must be lodged with or made in writing within a period of 28 days from 6 April 2016  to the Executive Director: Development Planning Transportation and Environment.     Application for  Guest […]


Liquor Licence Application Notice: Restaurant Licence - Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar

The Melville Residents’ Association would like to bring the following Liquor Application to the attention of the Melville Community. Applicant Name:  Pablo Eggs Go Bar (PTY) LTD Intended Trading Name: Pablo Eggs Go Bar Address & Location: Shop 1 & 2 7th Street, Melville Type of Licence: Restaurant Agent for Pablo Eggs Go Bar (PTY) LTDs:  Otto Wolf – A copy of the application form is available for download: […]



  Water is the most basic and essential requirement for life. A lack of water has disastrous effects for all life: people, animals and crops resulting in a complete breakdown in society. Due to the current El Nino weather phenomenon our country, the Republic of South Africa is going through a major drought. Currently it is estimated that more than 2.7 Million households have been affected. As a result, the […]


Notice from City of Johannesburg: Land Use Consent (Guesthouse)

We have received a notification from the City of Johannesburg regarding an application for a guesthouse to operate from Erf 150 (99 2nd Avenue), Melville. Erf 150 is currently zoned as Residential 1, according to the application, the impact on the immediate area will be negligible for the following reasons: The existing house will be retained on the site, The residential character will be retained, Adequate off-street parking can be […]


Operation Come Together

The Melville Residents’ Association, JMPD, DPU (Displaced Persons Unit ) and Ward Councillor (Amanda Forsythe) are working on a solution to address the significant number of vagrants in Melville. We are looking for concerned residents who are keen to assist and ideally (but not necessarily) have skills (psychologists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, social workers etc.) to assist us with this task. The Displaced Persons Unit are planning a workshop in Melville […]


Melville FTTH: MRA welcomes both Fibrehoods & Vumatel into Melville

Dear Residents, The MRA respects the MSI ‘s decision to invite Fibrehoods into the neighbourhood to meet the security needs of their camera roll out. As per our previous communication, the GMF committee proposed, after considerable evaluation and discussion, Vumatel as a preferred supplier for the greater Melville, Westdene, Richmond, Brixton and Auckland Park area. We understand that the GMF is moving forward to effect the implementation of  the GMF […]


Melville Fibre-to-the-Home Update

Dear Residents, As you are aware, earlier this year the Greater Melville Fibrehood (“the GMF”) called upon residents and business owners in the GMF coverage area (Richmond, Auckland Park, Melville and Westdene communities) to provide comments and make suggestions in regard to the capabilities and parameters of the proposed fibre network and as to which FTTH network providers should be approached. After considering the comments and suggestions that were received up […]


Application for rezoning: Six storey high, dense student housing

  Developers have put in an application to change the zoning of the strip of land between Campus Square and Streatley Avenue, Auckland Park, (the empty strip of land north of Campus Square) to allow for six storey high student housing for the University of Johannesburg.   This piece of land was specifically zoned as a buffer zone between the historical residential area, which has +/-6 properties over 100 years […]


The Big Melville Clean-Up Project

After the very successful GEM Clean-Up organized by the Melville Security Initiative earlier this year, the Melville Residents’ Association through its Physical Environment Portfolio walked through Melville in order to further identify areas that requires clean-up. According to Lee Shaw-Newland, the amount of litter around MelPark Primary school is shocking, ” We have engaged with the school and will be working closely with teachers & staff, involving the pupils to […]