Newsletter - July 2022

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Liquor Restaurant License Application: Love and Light Cafe, Campus Square

It seems there is an abundance of applications for Melville at the moment and it is in residents’ interest to read through lodged applications and engage as active citizens to steer the recent momentum in the suburb. An application for a restaurant liquor license in Auckland Park that borders the Melville area was lodged with the Gauteng Liquor Board (Application GLB 7000015257). The application is to apply for a restaurant […]


Rezoning Application of erven 48 & 49, Melville from Residential 1 to Residential 4 and the consolidation of said erven (35 & 37 1st Avenue)

Dear Melville Residents and Interested Parties, We seem to be inundated with large, high-density planning applications at present. While we as a committee of the MRA, with the ward councillor and the city are working hard on a proactive way to deal with these applications, we ask that you remain active citizens and we remain reactive to such developments.  (REZONING) OF ERVEN 48 AND 49, MELVILLE, FROM RESIDENTIAL 1 TO […]


Crime in our Suburb

Dear Melville Community, We are all shocked and saddened by the incident that took place at a local chemist on Monday morning (13 June). Our thoughts are with the staff and patrons of The Local Choice Pharmacy Mays, as well as innocent bystanders, like the delivery driver who sustained injuries. We wish him a swift recovery and peace for those affected by this incident. Many thanks to Beagle Watch for […]


Rezoning application for 29 4th Ave Melville (four-story mixed-use building to include shops, restaurants, offices and accommodation)

There is a rezoning application for 29 4th Ave Melville. The application is for a four-story mixed-use building to include shops, restaurants, offices, and accommodation. A copy of the application is attached. If you wish to object please use the template attached. You can choose which objections to raise while putting into your own words and using your own experience, please. If the objections look too similar they are seen as […]


Application for residential rezoning: Up to four storey high, 48 bedrooms student housing - Erf 458 (5th Avenue), Melville

APPLICATION IN TERMS OF SECTION 21 OF THE JOHANNESBURG MUNICIPAL PLANNING BYLAW FOR THE REZONING OF ERF 458, MELVILLE, FROM RESIDENTIAL 1 TO RESIDENTIAL 3   Dear Melville residents, businesses, and interested parties, There is an application for rezoning at 6 5th Ave Melville (erf 458). The property is between Main Road and 3rd Street, 3rd property from Main Road on the same side as the old Melville Hotel (Roxy’s). […]


Notice of SGM - 2022

Dear Melville Community, First, thank you for your support for the MSI/APRA/MRA Community day, where Danny and Jonathan did a stellar job ensuring a safe roadway between suburbs. The last bit of the refuse will be removed within the next few days. We appreciate your support! Second, the hearing related to the application for a commune on Second Ave has been postponed. Many thanks for the hard work undertaken by […]


Online Vigil for Eric van Gils

Online Vigil for Eric van Gils 18th July 2021 @ 16:30


Passing of Eric van Gils

It is with deep regret that I inform you of the tragic passing of Eric Van Gils earlier today. Eric was a Director of the Melville Security Initiative (MSI) for the past 7 years, and a resident on 1st Avenue less than a block from 7th street. Over and above his dedication towards the security of Melville via the MSI, Eric was passionate about businesses in Melville, and would most […]


Liquor License Application: Rustic Flair Food and Events

Please be advised that another application for a liquor license in the Melville area was lodged with the Gauteng Liquor Board. This is for a Restaurant licence at 27 Boxes in 4th Avenue, Rustic Flair Food and Events – Application GLB 7000013388  Rustic Flair Liquor License Application The location of the proposed venue is at 27 Boxes. You all know that there are more than 40 liquor licenced premises within […]