2019/2020 Elected Executive Committee

Amanda Diener Derek Milne
Dale Fairbairn James de Villiers (Treasurer)
Kelsey Glennon (Honorary Secretary)

The committee is reachable via email at az.oc.ellivlemevolinull@arm


2019/2020 Resident Volunteers

Anne Barnes Muffy Gilmour
JC Burger Alf Koch
Ghairunisa Galeta
‘Mantsi Moiloa
Leon Pretorius


Committee Portfolios

Should you wish to contact a specific portfolio via email, just click on its name.

Communications  (& website) Liquor Licences
JC Burger Amanda Diener
Kelsey Glennon
Financial Alf Koch
James de Villiers
Heritage Physical Environment
Dale Fairbairn
Ghairunisa Galeta
Land Use
Amanda Diener Security
Derek Milne Melville Security Initiative



Precinct Plan  27 Boxes
Derek Milne Leon Pretorius