Dear Melville Community,

We are all shocked and saddened by the incident that took place at a local chemist on Monday morning (13 June). Our thoughts are with the staff and patrons of The Local Choice Pharmacy Mays, as well as innocent bystanders, like the delivery driver who sustained injuries. We wish him a swift recovery and peace for those affected by this incident.

Many thanks to Beagle Watch for their quick response to an unfolding, dangerous situation. Likely thanks to their actions, the situation did not escalate, and more people were not injured or worse.

This incident highlights an increasing challenge that our previously quiet and safe suburb is facing: a lack of law enforcement in various contexts. The increasing number of disruptive establishments, the increase in petty crime, and now an armed robbery during the busy morning commute hours are clear indications that we need better and more visible, law enforcement support and greater investment and action from our City officials. There are ongoing, complementary initiatives that are working towards reducing crime and improving safety in our suburb.

Please contact the MRA if you would like to get involved via

Best wishes for a peaceful and restful long weekend.
Warm regards,
MRA committee