The Melville Residents’ Association through its Physical Environment Portfolio initiated an impromptu clean-up today. Willem Prinsloo and his team focused mainly on Main Road picking up litter and taking down of not only illegal but also legal posters that reached their expiry date.

Says Prinsloo “Today’s clean-up on Main Road includes both sides from 4th avenue down towards 9th. We have identified this as the dirtiest in the area over the past few weeks and starting here.

He urges the community to help the MRA by monitoring activity on Main road, especially when it comes to illegal dumping, it is a serious offence to dump waste on any vacant or undeveloped property, open space, public place or pavement.

According to the City of Johannesburg’s Environmental Health Department, waste will only be allowed on a pavement, public place or open space if it is placed directly into a bulk waste container or a skip for removal. The container or skip may not obstruct pedestrian or traffic movement or create a hazard to anybody. The City of Johannesburg will show no remorse to any offender and the zero tolerance rule will be applied.

Residents who witness incidents of illegal dumping are urged to report this as a matter of urgency by submitting the following information as per Pikitup’s website:

  • Date and time of the incident
  • The location
  • Type of material dumped
  • If possible, a photograph of the vehicle with the vehicle registration plates clearly indicated

To report illegal dumping:

  • Metro police city by-law enforcement 082 467 9434
  • Joburg Connect 011 375 5911 (after hours) or 011 375 5555 (office hours)
  • Pikitup 011 712 5200 or (Pikitup will remove building rubble from pavements
    for a nominal fee)
  • For more information on Pikitup’s refuse collection schedule, residents can contact Joburg Connect on (011) 375-5555/0860 562874 (0860 JOBURG) or send an e-mail to

According to Prinsloo, they are planning a big clean-up in the next couple of weeks and invites the Community to join them; further information will be made available shortly.