The building located between 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue on Main Road has applied for the consent by the city for a right for a “place of amusement” or a night club. The proposed operating hours are from 10 am to 2 am the following day every day, including public holidays.

This will have a negative impact on many residents and as the MRA we intend to object to this use. An illegal night club, previously at the location across the road has shown how negatively such a use can impact the lives of ordinary (and many long-time) residents in the area and such a use is clearly incompatible with the predominantly residential nature of Melville.

In order to successfully resist the incursion to the peace of residents, we call upon all affected residents to urgently raise their concern by objecting.

The owner and applicant is only required to advertise their application on the property and has not done so in accordance with the city’s bylaws and the town planning scheme, when it comes to the procedures relating to a consent use application.

As a result we have only become aware of the application very recently and need to submit any applications as quickly as possible. We have provided a pre-completed objection form for residents. Please ensure they are submitted to and and cc

For further details about the application and the proposed use, we have made the full application available for download.