It has been brought to the attention of the Melville Residents’ Association (MRA) that there has been an application to transfer the liquor licence from previous occupant Catz Pajamas (Shop G01 Melville Boulevard Main Road Melville) to an entity which appears to be controlled /owned by Kenny Kunene and Gayton McKenzie.

Based on information presently to hand, the MRA is gravely concerned at the prospect of Melville having an establishment similar to those operated by or on behalf the above individuals elsewhere.

Melville’s residents have experienced first-hand the negative effects of non-compliant and irresponsible business operators serving liquor, both in 7th street and in Main road, where the above premises are located. More particularly, the immediate vicinity of the above premises includes the following entities which serve or sell liquor:

 Stones, which is diagonally opposite the premises;
 Liquor City directly beneath the premises;
 Tsunami Beach Bar, which is directly opposite the premises;
 the Wee Pub, which is one block away in Main road;
 Paul’s Tavern, which is located in the same block in Main road;
 Tops Liquor, which is located approximately 300m south of the premises

The vicinity around the above premises, including Stones and its patrons, has attracted a massive amount of negative attention in the suburb due to:

 Stones’ excessively late trading hours;
 noise disturbances from loud music in the premises and from the cars of patrons;
 drag races in the street;
 widespread public alcohol consumption;
 open peddling and use of drugs in the immediate vicinity;
 general lawlessness and serious crime, including muggings, fights, intimidation and harassment of residents;
 the regular leaving of large amounts of broken glass and food containers in the road and on the pavement.

It is widely accepted in the Melville community that he vicinity has become unsafe, especially at night.

A copy of the MRA’s Objection is available for download

The MRA needs your support to urgently prevent the transfer happening by objecting to this transfer.

Please forward your objection (Contact details and reasons for objection in point form) via mail to whereby it will be submitted to the Gauteng Liquor Board by the MRA.