We received notification that two liquor license applications have been received for two properties on Main Rd (1 Main Rd and 10 Main Rd).

We have just obtained copies from the GLB this week and the objections are due on Friday. We have been in contact with the GLB and the GPGDED to request an extension of a week for objections to be lodged due to a lack of communication from the GLB and relevant offices.

The objections are currently due on the 28th of July 2023.

The Local Committee of the GLB has granted an extension of objections for the two liquor applications in our area. Objections are due on 10 August 2023. Please see the applications on the website, and the template available for residents to edit accordingly. NB. Please make sure to not download the template and send it as is, but rather read through and amend the document to reflect your perspective, before sending in. Note that the objections need to be sent to the following email addresses:




Please CC mra-liquor@ilovemelville.co.za



The MRA will also submit its own objection, but we need more objections if we hope to curb the crime, noise disturbances, etc., that follow suit and get the Departments to take our crime/noise challenges seriously.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the MRA Liquor portfolio via email

at mra-liquor@iilovemelville.co.za