Dear Meville Residents,

We have had two applications for liquor licenses in Melville, on Main Rd and 5th Ave. One application is for a tavern license and the other is for a hotel license.

We have contacted the Gauteng Liquor Board to request the applications, but have received no feedback or acknowledgement.

We have 21 days to lodge an objection, but it is unclear when the applications were lodged (we were notified via the Gazette on Monday, 17 April).

Moreover, without the relevant information, it is unclear who to lodge objections with.

We urge residents to contact the Gauteng Liquor Board ( to note that this lack of response from them infringes on your rights as a resident and that our area is oversaturated with liquor licenses (61 in Melville, excluding Westdene, Richmond, and Auckland Park) with little to no enforcement of bylaws, notably noise disturbances.

Given the increasing challenges we face with noise disturbances, public drinking, violence, robberies, etc., related to liquor-licensed premises, the granting of two additional licenses with these allowances is not going to benefit Melville.

We are working towards obtaining the applications and will notify you as soon as possible. In the meantime, please prepare an objection (draft objections are found on the website), if you wish to object.

The application information is below:

Part of the old Roxy’s Building
(1) Melville Hotel (PTY) Ltd.
(2) Melville Hotel.
(3) 2020/097337/07.
(4) Erf No. 456, No. 20 Main Rd, Melville.
(5) Hotel Liquor Licence; – alternatively Section 28 (1) (c). NB. This license type allows the sale of alcohol until 4am, except on Sunday

A building on 5th Ave next to residential homes, that is adjacent to Roxy’s.
(1) Herberline Investments CC.
(2) FG Corner.
(3) 2000/035442/23.
(4) Erf No. 457, No. 4 Fifth Avenue, Melville.
(5) Tavern Liquor Licence; – alternatively Section 28 (1) (c).
NB. This license type allows the sale of alcohol until 02h00, except on Sunday

If you have any questions, please reach out to the MRA Liquor portfolio (