Please be advised that another application for a liquor licence in the Melville area was lodged with the Gauteng Liquor Board.

This is for a restaurant (possibly coffee shop) on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 7th Street, The Whippet – Application GLB 7000011099

The applicant for this liquor licence has a similar operation in Linden. To date the MRA has not been approached by the applicant. The location of the proposed venue is in the already busy 7th Street.  Those of you who live in that area will recall that the noise nuisance that emanated from the open area and adjacent parking area.  Affected residents who are concerned about these issues, are encouraged to object.


The MRA will, as is the practice lodge an objection in an endeavour to liaise with the applicant who to date did not reach out to the MRA to engage.


As indicated over the past weeks the liquor board opted to ignore objections lodged in the recent past and we urge residents who are concerned to object and state that they request a hearing. The deadline for objections to be lodged is 22 November 2018 – see the process below.


Please review the application and if you feel it deems an objection you can do so in your personal capacity or in support of the MRA objection.


Those wishing to object must do so in writing, addressed to the Gauteng Liquor Board and not the Melville Residents’ Association


  • Ensure that you supply your details correctly and
  • that the objection is signed and dated

The Liquor Board requires a single copy of the objection (which must be hand delivered to their offices at Matloto House, 2nd Floor 124 Main Street, Johannesburg) however, to confirm receipt it would be prudent to take a second copy with to the Liquor Board and have both copies stamped as received. The second copy is your confirmation that the Liquor Board has received your objection.

The Melville Residents’ Association Committee will also assist the community if 2 copies of the objection are drop off with Melville Postnet (Corner of 1st Avenue & Main road) on or before 20 November 2018 @ 17:00, whereby an MRA representative will ensure delivery to the Liquor Board.

Once you have dropped off your objection at Postnet, please notify the MRA via

In additional to the copies to the Liquor board, a copy of the objection must be forwarded to the agent dealing with the application, delivered via email by the objector and not the MRA:

Agent for The Whippet: Otto Wolf –