Please be advised that two intentions to apply for liquor licenses in the Melville area were advertised for February 2021.


These were for a restaurant license and a special online liquor store license.


The location of the proposed restaurant is in 7th street, but the name does not sound like a restaurant in the sense we know it (Karaoke Kong), while the online liquor store is at 27 Boxes. The zoning of the Erf where 27 Boxes is situated does not allow for the sale of liquor on the premises.


We had confirmation from the Gauteng Liquor Board that both applications were submitted but to date, we were still not able to obtain a copy of the applications due to some Covid exposure at the GLB.


Of concern is the fact that objections must be lodged by end of this week, Friday 26 February 2021, but the GLB did advise they will inform applicants that there will be an extended time period for objections.


As you are aware there are more than 40 liquor licensed premises within a radius of 1 kilometer from about the center of Melville.


Residents, who are concerned about these applications, are encouraged to object – start preparing for this. The GLB has the authority to either decline a license or issue a conditional license.


The MRA will, as is the practice lodge an objection in an endeavour to liaise with the applicants to establish their plans.


As soon as we have further information we will advise.


MRA Liquor Portfolio