APPLICATIONS FOR LICENCES [section 23] per Gauteng Liquor Act, 2 of 2003

  1. Every application for a new licence shall be made to the relevant local committee of the district or metropolitan area in which the licence is sought, in the prescribed form by lodgement with the secretary of the local committee and shall provide or be accompanied by –

 (a) a detailed written motivation in support of the licence applied for;

 (b) a detailed sketch plan of the premises showing the rooms, services, buildings, construction material and other pertinent information;

 (c) a detailed written description of the premises to which the application relates, together with colour photographs of the external and internal features of the premises;

 (d) a report of an inspector and reports of any inspection required by any law or bylaw;

 (e) proof of publication of notices in the newspaper in terms of section 24;

 (f) a certificate of suitability on the person of the applicant and the application issued by South African Police Services;

 (g) the full business address and location of the premises to which the application relates, identity number or registration number of the applicant, residential address or address of registered office of the applicant;

 (h)  proof of affiliation to an association referred to in section 38;

 (i) proof of payment of the prescribed fee; and

 (j) clearance certificate by the South African Revenue Services that the applicant complies with tax laws.

  1. For purposes of considering a licence under subsection (1), the local committee may cause an inspection to be made of the premises to which the application relates and any other investigation the local committee thinks necessary.
  2. Where an application for a licence has been refused by the Board, no new application may be made in respect of the same premises within a period of one (1) year from the date of refusal, except by special leave granted at the discretion of the Board.
  3. Applications for tavern, pool club, pub, liquor store and night club liquor licences shall also be accompanied by unequivocal approval by the relevant department of the relevant metropolitan or district council, in addition to any zoning or planning or environmental laws requirements.

The Liquor Board will also require a copy of the title deed and zoning certificate to verify zoning is correct .

The MRA might at its discretion require a copy of a lease agreement if applicable.