It seems there is an abundance of applications for Melville at the moment and it is in residents’ interest to read through lodged applications and engage as active citizens to steer the recent momentum in the suburb.

An application for a restaurant liquor license in Auckland Park that borders the Melville area was lodged with the Gauteng Liquor Board (Application GLB 7000015257).

The application is to apply for a restaurant liquor license for the Love and Light Cafe in the Campus Square Shopping Center.

Liquor Application

While the premises is located in Auckland Park, the approval of another liquor license in our neighbouring area contributes to the growing number of challenges residents face as a result of issued liquor licenses.

The application contains incorrect and inaccurate information that does not enable the GLB to make an informed decision about approving an additional application in the area.

Residents who are concerned about the increase of licensed premises in our broader area are able to object. The GLB is supposed to consider the application within a kilometer radius from the premises for which the application was lodged. The GLB has the authority to decline a license or issue a conditional license restricting hours and type of liquor sold.

Below is a template that residents can use to inform and articulate your experiences in the suburb if you wish to object.

The MRA will, as is the practice, lodge an objection in an endeavour to liaise with the applicant, who to date, did not reach out to the MRA to engage, and also in an endeavour to protect the character of our neighbourhood.


If you choose to object, please ensure that you do the following:

1) Edit the document and outline what you feel applies to you and your experiences regarding such application approvals.

2) Include updated/relevant contact details so you can be reached to be informed of a hearing.

3) Send all objections to the following email addresses:

If you have any questions, please reach out to the MRA Liquor portfolio (

Kind regards,

MRA Liquor Committee