Dear Melville Community,

At the start of January, the Melville Resident Association (MRA) hosted our first monthly meeting of the year at Agterplaas guesthouse.

We are grateful that the meeting was well attended with several new faces, and we trust the energy will be sustained throughout the next year. Please note that all MRA meetings are open to residents of the community, and the dates for all our meetings for the next year can be found on our Facebook page.

Here are a couple of things to note happening in Melville in the next coming few weeks, and most of which were discussed at the meeting.

Rehabilitation of the Melville satellite police station

The MRA, Melville Security Initiative (MSI), Melville Business Association (MBA), and several other key stakeholders are excited to partner with the Brixton SAPS to rehabilitate the Melville Satellite police on 1st Avenue.

The station was unfortunately left unmanned a couple of years ago and has fallen into a state of decay. The Brixton SAPS has given their assurance to find staffing for the station once rehabilitated.

The Melville community is encouraged to assist in the clean-up on Friday, January 31, between 09:30 and 15:00 at 80 1st Ave across from Spilt Milk. Please bring gardening and cleaning tools.


Melville Security update

At the MRA monthly meeting, the MSI’s Eric van Gils updated the committee on progress made since the unfortunate shooting at Poppy’s Restaurant in 7th Street at the start of the year. He assured residents that all cameras were working on the night of the shooting, but that the number plates used by the vehicles were cloned.

The MRA hopes to set up a meeting with the new mayoral committee member for safety in Johannesburg after the administration of the city changed in a bid to keep the momentum going on enforcement of bylaws in the community after successes last year.

It is noted that no additional liquor application has been received for the neighbourhood. A hearing for Moonshine Icecream was cancelled by the Gauteng Liquor Board in December and is expected to proceed soon.


MSI Traffic study

The MRA noted that the MSI is planning on undertaking a traffic study in the Melville community in a bid to close off certain roads to improve safety. Concerns were raised about the procedure being followed to authorise the spending of money on the study. Members are encouraged to attend MSI meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at 18:00 at Ba Pita in 7th Street to obtain information.


MRA finances and constitution

The MRA is looking into revising its constitution and possibly registering as a non-profit organisation in a bid to save money. A sub-committee has been established to look into specific details such as the auditing of the MRA finances, and legal advice and help are being sought regarding this process.

Next meeting

The next meeting of the MRA will take place Monday, February 10, at 19:00 at Agterplaas guesthouse. All residents are invited to attend. Should you wish to add to the agenda please drop us an email a week before the meeting.

If at any time you’d like to join the association, or volunteer to assist, or request information from the association, please email

Until next month,