Residents and businesses in Melville are invited to comment on a draft vision for our suburb. The vision is intended as a guide to what we want from the place we live and work in. We would like it to inform the initiatives that we support, and to empower us to oppose developments which don’t make Melville a better place.

We would like it to help us to work more effectively with local authorities and service providers, but also to hold them to account. Please submit your comments and input to by end-September. A final vision for Melville will be published by the MRA in October 2017.


DRAFT – MRA Vision for Melville

What we want from Melville

A progressive, well-maintained, safe and diverse suburb which welcomes visitors, provides a home for residents and students, and is a stable working environment for responsible small businesses.


What we are working for

  • Pride and participation
    • Encourage residents and businesses to get involved in local initiatives to protect and improve Melville
  • Safety and security
    • Working with the Melville Security Initiative
    • Coordinating the efforts of contracted safety companies
    • Encouraging residents and businesses to participate in security initiatives
    • Supporting the efforts of the SA Police Services (SAPS)
  • Protecting Melville’s heritage
    • Encouraging residents and businesses to preserve Melville’s architectural heritage and culture
    • Supporting and encouraging appropriate local and national government initiatives
    • Monitoring and challenging inappropriate development plans and illegal land use
    • Ensuring consultation with residents and businesses
  • Working to keep the Melville environment clean and well maintained
    • Encouraging residents and businesses to share responsibility for their environment
    • Monitoring the performance of city authorities and reporting faults and infringements
  • Recognising our local and national political, social and economic circumstances
    • Supporting and promoting a compassionate and progressive response to challenges such as homelessness, poverty and inequality
    • Working with the authorities, churches, NGOs, local business and residents to find solutions which sustainably address the needs of vulnerable people – while also protecting the interests of residents
  • Regular and transparent communication with residents and businesses
    • Maintaining a MRA website
    • Maintaining a Melville Facebook page
    • Sending out email newsletters
    • Encouraging feedback and participation from residents
    • Regular reporting on MRA activity and the outcomes of consultations
  • Protecting the environment
    • Encouraging residents and businesses to be environmentally responsible
    • Educating people about recycling initiatives, reduced use of water and renewable energy options
  • Transport
    • Encouraging greater availability of public transport, car-sharing, electric vehicle infrastructure, cycling lanes and pedestrian access
  • Hold the authorities to account
    • Build and maintain good working relationships with city officials
    • Monitor the performance of government agencies such as City Power, Joburg Water, Johannesburg Roads Agency