Dear Melville Community,

First, thank you for your support for the MSI/APRA/MRA Community day, where Danny and Jonathan did a stellar job ensuring a safe roadway between suburbs. The last bit of the refuse will be removed within the next few days. We appreciate your support!

Second, the hearing related to the application for a commune on Second Ave has been postponed. Many thanks for the hard work undertaken by those aiding objecting residents.

Finally, the MRA Committee would like to hold a Special General Meeting to update the Association’s constitution (draft attached to this notice – proposed major changes highlighted, the numbering and formatting not indicated).

Date: 5 April 2022

Time: 18h00

Venue: 34 4th Ave, Melville in person

Online option via Zoom (link to be distributed day of)

There are two specific points that need to be amended:

  • The current constitution is silent regarding a quorum for general meetings.  The proposed change: is to state 25 members to comprise a quorum
  • Likewise, the current constitution requires financial auditing of the MRA books, which is very expensive and costs approximately 25% of the annual turnover. The proposed change: an annual, independent review will be conducted of the financial statements.


We hope to see you at the SGM.