Dear Melville Residents,

As a Melville resident, you may be aware we have had an influx of liquor licence applications in Melville.  Currently, we have over 60 licences with six new applications submitted in the last two months. As a group of volunteers, we are not able to dedicate time nor resources to challenges presented by so many licenced establishments and assist residents’ complaints unless we are able to temporarily pause any new applications so that we can focus on managing complaints about the existing licences.

As a community, we want to encourage and support good businesses that also want to operate in a safe, fun environment. However, with this volume of licenced premises, we are unable to do any due diligence. Petitioning the Gauteng Liquor Board (GLB) to place a moratorium on granting additional licences in Melville will give the GLB time to audit the current licences, enable City entities to improve by-law enforcement, and offer an opportunity to bring Melville back to its once world-renowned status as a safe, fun, vibey suburb.

To petition the Gauteng Liquor Board successfully, please consider signing this simple petition.

You can also click here to open the petition in another window – Link to petition

As always, we appreciate your support!

The Melville Residents’ Association