The Security Portfolio performs such a crucial role in the community that the current MRA committee agreed that this portfolio should be managed by the Melville Security Initiative since the two associations will continue to work closely together.

Initially a project of the Melville Residents’ Association, the Melville Security Initiative was founded in 2009 with its primary goal of maintaining & implementing security solutions for the safety and security of the community and all who reside and operate businesses within its boundaries.

The Melville Security Initiative is managed by residents of Melville. They volunteer their time and expertise to the maintain and improve security in the suburb. They initiative employs, amongst other suppliers, CSS Tactical to provide security and Midcity to manage the monthly collection of membership fees.

Security Camera Project

Andrew Pitman, a director of the MSI will be responsible for input into this portfolio, although not a MRA committee member.

Contact Details for the MSI:

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