Land Use: Rezoning Application Erf 438, 59 4th Avenue

We have been notified of a rezoning application from “Residential 1” (single dwelling) to “Residential 3” (high density residential) at Erf 438, 59 Fourth Avenue, Melville. The proposed development will “establish a student residential accommodation comprising of 4 dwelling units”. The MRA land use sub-committee is still assessing whether it will object, however residents can assess the application separately and decide to object. The MRA land use portfolio will assist […]


Unlawful building of a 22-unit commune on Fourth Avenue.

Dear Melville Community, We are writing to you to ask for your assistance concerning getting the municipality (now at executive mayor level) to enforce a stop order on an unlawful building of a 22-unit commune on Fourth Avenue.   No approvals or rights have been granted to the owner (i.e. rezoning of property, approval of building plans, commune approval, or possibly heritage approval).   The owner continues to ignore a […]


Land Use: Applications for rezoning from Residential 1 to Business 4 - 3rd & 4th Avenue

We have been notified of two rezone applications  from Resident 1 to Business 4 for properties 71 3rd Avenue (Erf 298)  & 72 4th Avenue (Erf 370). The owner is the same for both properties, located adjacent to each other whereby the intention is to utilize both properties for offices.   PROVINCIAL NOTICE 1037 OF 2017 CITY OF JOHANNESBURG METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY NOTICE FOR THE AMENDMENT OF THE JOHANNESBURG TOWN PLANNING […]