Update: Application for rezoning - Six storey high, dense student housing

In December 2015 we brought to your attention an application for rezoning for a Six Storey High, dense student housing on Streatley Avenue, Auckland Park (opposite Campus Square). We have been informed by the Auckland Park Residents’ Association (APRA) of yet another application to rezone the same property, as the December 2015 application. Rezoning Application 2016-05-09   APRA comments on this application: The site is already zoned ‘Special’ for residential […]


Pedestrian bridge at Campus Square - Update

Dear Community, You may have attended the public meeting earlier this year in which the JDA presented to us the plan for a raised pedestrian bridge at Campus Square. The bridge was envisioned as a solution to the problem of repeated accidents involving pedestrians using the intersection. Many residents expressed concerns about this solution and the costs of implementing it, and so the Auckland Park Residents’ Association (APRA)  facilitated a […]


Application for rezoning: Six storey high, dense student housing

  Developers have put in an application to change the zoning of the strip of land between Campus Square and Streatley Avenue, Auckland Park, (the empty strip of land north of Campus Square) to allow for six storey high student housing for the University of Johannesburg.   This piece of land was specifically zoned as a buffer zone between the historical residential area, which has +/-6 properties over 100 years […]