Thank you Vumatel

  The Melville Residents’ Association would like to express their thanks to the super team at Vumatel for arranging a special clean up through-out our suburb by emptying rubbish bins, this past Sunday, 10 April 2016.  We really appreciate your support and being part of our community!     Clean it with Vuma!   MELVILLE – Vumatel took to the streets of Melville to empty dustbins during the Pikitup strike. […]


Melville FTTH: MRA welcomes both Fibrehoods & Vumatel into Melville

Dear Residents, The MRA respects the MSI ‘s decision to invite Fibrehoods into the neighbourhood to meet the security needs of their camera roll out. As per our previous communication, the GMF committee proposed, after considerable evaluation and discussion, Vumatel as a preferred supplier for the greater Melville, Westdene, Richmond, Brixton and Auckland Park area. We understand that the GMF is moving forward to effect the implementation of  the GMF […]


Melville Fibre-to-the-Home Update

Dear Residents, As you are aware, earlier this year the Greater Melville Fibrehood (“the GMF”) called upon residents and business owners in the GMF coverage area (Richmond, Auckland Park, Melville and Westdene communities) to provide comments and make suggestions in regard to the capabilities and parameters of the proposed fibre network and as to which FTTH network providers should be approached. After considering the comments and suggestions that were received up […]