Melville Precinct Plan: Update

Dear residents of Melville, We are cognisant of the fact that many residents think the MRA committee is dragging its feet over the Johannesburg Development Agency’s Melville Precinct Plan proposal. In fact, we are doing our utmost to find common ground with the JDA and its consultants. A complex and complicated process from the start, the MRA committee supports positive change where Melville’s unique character and its stakeholders are prime […]


Melville Precinct Plan Update: "Final Meeting"

Last year, the organisers of the “final meeting” about the Precinct Plan for Melville (and Auckland Park) acknowledged the community’s unhappiness about their presentation by inviting comments and complaints with a view to reopening discussion. Or so we thought. Last week, we received this communication:   “We, the consulting team and JDA, would like to invite you for a final discussion on the MAPP. The Updated MAPP and response to […]


Residents refuse to sign off on proposed Melville precinct plan

On 24 November 2017, Gibb Engineering & Architecture – consultants to the City’s Joburg Development Agency- held a public meeting at the Melville Methodist Church to present their draft proposal of the Melville Precinct Plan. More than 100 Melville residents were in attendance. The structure of the presentation – and the rules governing resident participation – was perceived as being designed to limit input. The MRA’s EXCO and technical advisors […]


Melville Precinct Plan: Final Draft Update

  Further to our previous updates regarding the Precinct Plan 2017: 22 November 2017 – 18 November 2017 – 10 November 2017 – A cause for serious concern is the proposal to add approximately 600 residential units to the existing number, in Main road. We have expressed our opposition to what appears to be a previously undisclosed plan to heavily densify Main road – time for you […]


Melville Precinct Plan 2017: Update

While we made some progress, the MRA Precinct Plan sub-committee remains concerned about some issues in the draft PP (as it was communicated to us by the councillor for the first time last night). We have been requested to not share the draft beyond the MRA’s EXCO.   We urge residents to attend tomorrow’s meeting to forcefully add their voices to discussion about the proposal.   Please do not hesitate […]


Melville Precinct Plan: Heads-up #MyMelville, densification is coming

On Friday 17 November, Councillor Bridget Steer called a meeting with Gibb and JDA representatives who have replaced Urban Soup as the writers and presenters of the Melville Precinct Plan. She invited the MRA committee to attend the meeting. At last sighting of the Precinct Plan, following participation of stakeholders, of whom the residents of Melville are by far the largest component – compromise was reached with fewer reservations among […]


Melville Precinct Plan 2017: Community Presentation

The JDA together with their Precinct Plan Team will be presenting the Melville Precinct Plan 2017 to the Community.  We urge you to attend as this affects the Community,  your valuable input is required. For more information regarding the Precinct Plan, please browse our website or email the MRA PP Subcommittee at