Petition - Bylaw Enforcement

Dear Melville Community, We have had an uptick in complaints about noise emanating from certain bars/restaurants and from public drinking on Main Road. May we ask that you consider signing the petition on, which was drafted by members of the MRA. Our ward councillor, Bridget Steer has indicated that the size of the problem requires the attention of the MMC and we need a petition with plenty of signatures […]


Resident petition against businesses operating illegally in Melville

We have been notified of a petition to Mayor Herman Mashaba regarding businesses operating illegally in Melville, created by a resident from our community. “ Dear resident or affected party, Various businesses in Melville are having a negative impact on our suburb and on you by operating illegally. The petition below is addressed to our mayor to ask him to take these contraventions seriously and prioritise enforcement. I ask you […]