Noise Nuisance Information & Complaint Procedure

We have received an informational pack from our Ward Councillor Bridget Steer with regards to Noise Pollution which includes: Understanding Noise Pollution Noise Control Regulations Standard Operating Procedure for Handling Noise Nuisances Information and procedure with regard to Noise Nuisance Complaints Reduced / Sample Affidavit Environmental Health Managers & RH Managers Contact list South African law makes a distinction between ‘Disturbing Noise’ – which is “objective and is defined as […]


The Big Melville Clean-Up Project

After the very successful GEM Clean-Up organized by the Melville Security Initiative earlier this year, the Melville Residents’ Association through its Physical Environment Portfolio walked through Melville in order to further identify areas that requires clean-up. According to Lee Shaw-Newland, the amount of litter around MelPark Primary school is shocking, ” We have engaged with the school and will be working closely with teachers & staff, involving the pupils to […]


Impromptu clean-up on Main Rd

The Melville Residents’ Association through its Physical Environment Portfolio initiated an impromptu clean-up today. Willem Prinsloo and his team focused mainly on Main Road picking up litter and taking down of not only illegal but also legal posters that reached their expiry date. Says Prinsloo “Today’s clean-up on Main Road includes both sides from 4th avenue down towards 9th. We have identified this as the dirtiest in the area over […]


27Boxes Interested Residents Group

The arrival of 27 boxes on our doorstep has brought both opportunities and challenges for residents, especially those living near to the development. The MRA, through its physical environment committee, has decided to form a subcommittee made up of interested and affected residents, which will focus on 27 boxes with a view to: recording and investigating complaints about noise, crime, traffic congestion and other disturbances; obtaining information from the authorities […]