Pub Liquor Licence Application - The Countess @ 27Boxes

Dear Melville Community, Please be advised that another application for a liquor licence in the Melville area was lodged with the Gauteng Liquor Board. This application is for a Pub licence at 27Boxes for The Countess. It has been operating for a while. Most of you know it has not been an easy experience with the accompanying noise due to unlawful activities, events hosted, and the traffic congestion/entirely blocking of […]


Liquor Application Update: The Countess

In line with our policy on liquor licences, objecting to all liquor applications, the MRA Committee engaged with the applicant for The Countess at 27 Boxes in regards to the liquor licence sought by it and its intended operations. This engagement bore fruit in the form of an agreement between the MRA Committee and the applicant which sets out terms and conditions to be incorporated in the licence which is […]