Dear Melville Community,

We are writing to you to ask for your assistance concerning getting the municipality (now at executive mayor level) to enforce a stop order on an unlawful building of a 22-unit commune on Fourth Avenue.


No approvals or rights have been granted to the owner (i.e. rezoning of property, approval of building plans, commune approval, or possibly heritage approval).


The owner continues to ignore a notice from the building inspector to stop building due to having no approved plans.


The City of Johannesburg has so far not taken any action on site to halt the build. What were initially the foundations of the ground floor of a section of the 22-unit commune development last week, have now been built up to the point where the floor of the first floor will now be added. We anticipate the full build will be complete within the next two to three weeks.


Kindly sign the petition to the mayor to prioritise the enforcement of the city’s laws in respect of this matter:


In addition, should you be able and willing to do so, kindly email the ward councillor Bridget Steer, COJ law enforcement and the mayor’s office to indicate your concern with the non-enforcement in this matter by using the subject line

“Erf 359 / 50 4th Avenue, Melville – URGENT MATTER”

and sending your email to: ;;;


We are hoping that the matter will be taken to court and heard as an urgent matter as a result of the petitioning by residents.