In December 2015 we brought to your attention an application for rezoning for a Six Storey High, dense student housing on Streatley Avenue, Auckland Park (opposite Campus Square).

We have been informed by the Auckland Park Residents’ Association (APRA) of yet another application to rezone the same property, as the December 2015 application.


APRA comments on this application:

The site is already zoned ‘Special’ for residential buildings (maximum 34 units) and a guest house (maximum 80 rooms). They wish to rezone to Residential 4 (with no unit restriction and a 2.5 floor area ratio).

The application seeks a rezoning to construct student accommodation at a possibly higher density than that already allowed in terms of the zoning certificate. They are also applying for a ‘no unit restriction’, so that they can build in as many units as possible with a height going up to 6 storeys.

In addition, they are applying to rezone to Residential 4 and / or Institutional. They wish to apply for this right so that they can perhaps build a hospital on the site. The site is 8084 sq m.

APRA is concerned about more student accommodation in the area:  a proper study of the need for student accommodation has not been conducted and a perceived need for student accommodation is anecdotal.

The application mentions that the development will “enable liveable, walkable and resilient neighbourhoods” and “will positively strengthen existing economic opportunities” like Campus Square. However, student accommodation is only fully occupied for about 7–8 months of the year and thus this motivation is questionable.

We are also concerned about the development of a hospital on the site given the proximity of existing facilities like Helen Joseph Hospital to the west, Garden City Clinic to the south and smaller medical centres like Meldene Medicross to the north. Milpark hospital is also nearby.


If you wish to object please fill out the objection letter and deliver to 53 Molesey Ave, Auckland Park,  (Please place it in the post box) no later than 5 July 2016.