You will recall that the MRA was advised by the Gauteng Liquor Board (GLB) that they will not be scheduling a hearing to afford residents an opportunity to voice their concerns and request certain conditions (that the applicants agreed to in principle) be incorporated into the licences.

The lawyers of the applicants urged the GLB to ignore the objections raised by residents and not to afford the community an opportunity to let their voice be heard.  The MRA and also its lawyers requested copies of both the minutes of the meetings of the GLB when these decisions were taken as well as the reasons for these decisions. To date the GLB has ignored these requests whilst in terms of the Liquor Act the GLB is to provide the minutes on request and payment of the prescribed fees – which has been offered. The Department of Economic Development has also been approached in this regard.

The next step will be an application to the  High Court to compel the GLB and or the Department to supply the requested documentation.

We will continue to keep you informed on this matter.

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