As you all know, not all members of the MRA committee were happy at the outset about the process regarding the Melville Precinct Plan. We had been introduced to Denver Hendricks as the golden boy whose proposal on that front won the JDA’s tender to oversee consultation with stakeholders.


Some of us believed then and now that it was a flawed process but by and large Melville residents participated in the workshops and added their voices to those who may or may not have been Melville stakeholders.


In the end, more of the community seemed happy enough with the outcome than were opposed to it and while not a done deal, gave Denver the nod for most of the plan but with the understanding it had yet to be approved.
This past week we received notification via an attached “advert” to attend a public meeting hosted by the JDA on 23 November. We asked for clarification and Nico Pienaar (Gibb) responded:


“The meeting is set up to present the final Melville precinct plan and Melville precinct management plan.”


We also observed that Denver Hendricks was noticeable by his absence from the notification. Denver confirmed to us that he had been bypassed and in few words, without elaboration, indicated he was unhappy about what had ensued.


We contacted Councillor Bridget Steer who copied us in a communication she sent to Nico Pienaar and the remaining “consultant members” of the winning Precinct Plan proposal.


“Dear All

I am extremely concerned that you are presenting this as the final precinct plan. This is not what was agreed at the last meeting, and certainly not what the residents were told. My understanding is that the meeting is to present the draft for public comment.


Please can I request an urgent meeting with you to be briefed on the status of the project and to be presented with the Draft. I am available on Monday between 11h30 and 15h00.


I have a meeting with the Melville Residents’ Association on Tuesday and would like to be able to give them a complete update on the project status.


Kind regards
Cllr Bridget Steer

Ward 87 Johannesburg”



We have also requested a copy of the draft plan so that it can be distributed to the community before the meeting on the 23rd of November 2017 (see attachment below)


​We will report back as soon as we have the information requested by Councillor Steer.​ Should you require any further information please contact the MRA Precinct Plan Sub-committee  via email –