” Ward Committees are a group of 10 people elected from each Ward and chaired by the Ward Cllr that are meant to be a kind of super residents group who can take on projects in the ward and raise serious issues that need addressing.

In the past, they have really only been a talk shop and were pretty much ceremonial as the City structures never took them seriously. However, under the new dispensation in Johannesburg, it is hoped that they will now have some teeth and be able to make their mark.

If you are interested in sitting on a ward committee (you can only be on the committee in the ward where you live), then go along to the meeting below to find out more info.

You need to be a doer and not a once a month talker/fall asleeper if you want to really make a difference.” – Cllr Tim Truluck, Ward 117



Civic Education on Ward Committee Elections 2016

The City of Johannesburg is in the process of electing new Ward Committee members for the new political term to assist the Ward Councillors and Council in achieving its objectives of Local Government in terms of the Municipal Structures Act and the Constitution of South Africa.

The residents and stakeholders are invited to attend a two hour information sharing session that will focus on election processes. The training session are scheduled as follows:

Date: Tuesday, 11th of October 2016 POSTPONED TO THE 25TH OF OCTOBER 2016
Time: 18h00
Venue: Marks Park Sports Club, Colonial Hall