We would like to welcome Bridget Steer, our new councillor for Melville (Ward87) to the community. We are very excited to have her as councillor and know that if we all work together, we can keep Melville in top form.
Should you do have any council issues, log it first with the relevant service provider and then Bridget can help escalating the problem once she received your reference number. It is not Bridget’s role to report it on your behalf.
” The City of Johannesburg relies on its residents to log service delivery failures so that it may have the opportunity to attend to them. If issues are not logged on the City’s service delivery systems, the entities are likely unaware of the breakdowns and until you report such, the breakdowns may remain unresolved.
As active citizens that live, work and play in the City of Johannesburg you need to get involved and LOOK AND LOG. That way you hold the local government officials accountable for service delivery.
The Councillors in the City of Johannesburg serve as the interface between the citizens they represent and the municipal officials who design and implement development polices. The councillor’s job is not just to serve as the voice of the people, for the expression of their community needs, but also to act as a watchdog and ensure the municipality implements policies to address the needs of citizens. It is therefore important that should issues you log not be adequately addressed, such be brought to the attention of your local Ward or PR councillor” — http://www.lookandlog.co.za
Browse to Look and Log for more information on how to log a fault with the relevant service provider as well as expected turnaround times.
Bridget is also managing a Melville Council WhatsApp group that alerts you to power outages, water maintenance and other important notices affecting Melville. You can also use this platform to escalate reference numbers. If you would like to join this group, send your contact details and physical address to Bridget via WhatsApp.
Bridget’s contact details:
Mobile Number: 083 604 0404 (SMS/WhatsApp preferred as she might be in council meetings and can not take your call)
Welcome again Councillor!