If you care about Melville and wish to avoid exclusion from participation as was experienced with Boulevard, Campus Square and 27 Boxes, we urge you to attend the Johannesburg Development Agency’s public meeting at 27 Boxes on Tuesday, 02 May at 18h00.

Described as “part of (the) local stakeholder engagement process”, notices inviting residents and the public to attend the meeting have been posted on all Melville sites.

In February, a few members of the MRA committee had an informal meeting hosted by Councillor Bridget Steer with Denver Hendricks and one of his colleagues, where Hendricks provided a little background about his involvement in the project.

Head of Architecture at UJ, Hendricks and his team won the tender to devise a plan for the suburb with the input of stakeholders. We do not doubt Hendricks’ sincerity in this project but in the interests of transparency, it should be noted that some among the MRA committee are concerned about where this process will eventually lead.

We remain open-minded and hopeful that the process will be consultative.


as received by the MRA