Dear Melville Community,

On Wednesday 7 September members of the MRA met with city officials to discuss several problem properties over which you as residents have shared serious concerns. These included several properties which are the subject of rezoning or consent applications, and which have attracted many objections.

The Walk-around was very productive. We personally visited 6 sites but engaged officials on approximately another 20 across Melville, Richmond, Westdene and Auckland Park.

Present were 3x buildings inspectors, 1x land use enforcement officer, 1x MMC office official, Ward Councillor Bridget Steer and two MRA volunteers.

Though we got an update and managed to point out some key issues with certain properties, we were dealing with the teams that are doing their job and who seem as frustrated as us about other officials and departments who neglect these issues.

We did also get some concrete ideas that we will now take forward to a meeting with the ED of development planning next week. Working with the Councillor Steer we have suggestions and changes that we will table to the department and get things moving.

Essentially we want to:
• push for the expedition of legal action and demolition orders against offending properties and;

• for stop notices to be better enforced especially during planning application tribunals; and

• To make it compulsory for applicants for rezoning and consent use applications to declare on oath and demonstrate that they are fully compliant with all laws, policies and bylaws with regard to all their properties and that they are in good standing with the City before any such applications are entertained.

This should root out the slumlords and other applicants who operate illegally, from applying.

We will update you further on the outcome of our meeting next week.

Feel free to contact our Land Use Portfolio via email at