Dear Melville Community,
Over the last few months, several land use issues and communications have been directed your way. These sometimes feel like one-sided interactions so we are committed to following through and giving you meaningful updates.
There have been three recent rezoning applications:
A three-story approx 48-bed accommodation building at 6 5th Ave.
A mixed-use three-story building with proposed restaurant, accommodation, and office space situated at 29 4th Ave.
A three-story 51 en-suite bedroom backpackers at 35 & 37 1st Ave.
We welcomed those who may be affected to object, and in total across the three properties, we were copied on almost 300 objections. The next step in this process is a tribunal. If you objected you will be notified and we as the MRA will advertise the dates of these tribunals.
In terms of historical objections, two tribunals have been scheduled for communes at 84 2nd Ave Melville (Erf 108) on 25 July and 4 1st Ave Auckland Park (Erf 720) on 2 August. If you objected or received notice to appear, and cannot attend the online tribunal, you can appoint a proxy. If you wish to have the MRA representative represent you on the day please send an email to, subject Tribunal representation.
The MRA consults with town planners and architects on any applications and doesn’t give notes on areas to object lightly. As we represent residents, we have the same sentiments as most of you, that development and investment are vital to the thriving cosmopolitan and inclusive growth of the neighborhood. However, this needs to be done within the confines of the wider city enforcement so we don’t overshoot infrastructure investment or upgrades and that everyone’s interests are respected.
Please get in touch or come to our monthly meetings (the first Monday of every month) to discuss any of these issues and get involved.

An ongoing land-use issue for residents has been the two houses at 31&33 4th Ave which appear to be severely overcrowded, contain several additional buildings and have informal businesses operating. Following a meeting with the ward councilor, an inspection by the city was conducted on 15 June 2022. They found that number 33 has no electricity and houses approximately 18 people. A file has been handed over to the group forensic investigators to take further and possibly have the occupants removed at the owner’s cost. For more information on this investigation please see this recent Northcliff Melville Times article.
We receive weekly complaints about noise from businesses, especially those playing loud music or dispersing patrons leaving in the night. We encourage you to please send us any reference numbers you have from reporting noise complaints to JMPD or other authorities. We follow up often and vigorously, but unfortunately seem to get little or no response to enforce bylaws. While we push the city to be involved, we will also try to bridge the gap between business and residents through dialogue. Complaints can be sent to, or
The former Roxys Rhythm Bar on Main Rd has been bought and renovations are underway. The MRA has been made aware that it will be a “VIP gentlemen’s bar and casino”. Though for many this building represents an example of Johannesburg’s art deco heritage, it has been classified as derelict and altered beyond any heritage value over the years. The MRA is looking into what is allowed on that site in terms of land use and if these uses are permitted on the same site under restrictions to operate as a place of amusement.
Many residents have been locked in a complaints cycle with the city buildings inspector and the land-use department over the construction of a motor workshop at 35 Main Rd. Extensions and building work has been taking place and reported since February. Though we haven’t seen it personally or received a copy despite multiple requests, we are informed that a stop work order was issued in March. However, construction continues. There appears to be no follow-through or any enforcement. This unfortunately is an ongoing issue across most of the suburb’s problem properties.

Outside of the daily reporting, requests for follow-ups, and monitoring of notices and correspondence, we try to do some big-picture planning to be more proactive rather than reactive. In the last two months, we have met with the Johannesburg Development Agency, Joburg City Planning Office, and consulted private council to try and move forward with the stalled Melville Auckland Park Precinct Plan (MAPP). Some of you may remember multiple consultations took place over the years and a development plan was put forward in 2018. This has been a contentious process with many stakeholders not being able to come together. We are committed to trying to find a resolution and reinvigorate this plan. It will encourage investment and development, but in a way that respects Melville’s heritage, residential nodes, and uniqueness.
Multiple representatives across many different segments of Melville life including business, residents, landlords, and security initiatives meet to discuss a tourism plan for Melville with the Gauteng Tourism Authority. The opening of the satellite Police Station on 1st Ave, an exciting addition of a Big Red sightseeing bus stop on 4th Ave, and a tourist/area information centre were part of the agenda. For more information on this meeting, to be part of a committee to market Melville, or to pitch projects to help revitalise the area please email, subject Melville Tourism upgrade.
As mentioned above, enforcement, follow-through, and communication with the city is an ongoing problems. While we continue to push for a meeting with the ED of Town planning and development, the MMC, and onwards to the mayor, these interactions continue to grind through too slowly or are frustrating. We as residents and active citizens need to make a stand. The MRA will be driving a petition for law enforcement in the suburb. Let’s push to look after the basics so we can look towards a bigger future.

It takes a dedicated, unfortunately very small, group of volunteers to form the MRA. We would love to open that up, get more people involved and be more visible. If you are interested in learning more or getting stuck in please email, subject Joining the MRA. There are a variety of portfolios and initiatives so you can find something that interests you.
If you have any issues to report regarding complaints, land-use issues, or need help with putting in a dispute with the city, please be in touch. We will gladly point you in the right direction and help with following up.
We hold open meetings every first Monday of the month. If you want to be involved please come along. To participate or add agenda items contact, subject MRA meetings.

There is an advertised event this weekend 23 July at 27 Boxes called Ridez & Vibez. There will be market stalls and a “car park off” in the basement. The event will run from 14h00 – 20h00. A noise exemption has been requested but not supported by the ward councilor. Please direct any issues on the day to Tshiamo Molubi, Centre Manager on 0785337194 or JMPD. Or head on over and check out the 35 vendors and vehicles on show.