In line with our policy on liquor licences, objecting to all liquor applications, the MRA Committee engaged with the applicant for Pablo Eggs-Go-Bar at Shop 1 & 2 7th Street, Melville in regards to the liquor licence sought by it and its intended operations.

This engagement bore fruit in the form of an agreement between the MRA Committee and the applicant which sets out terms and conditions to be incorporated in the licence which is acceptable to the committee, should the licence be granted.

  • Trading Hours for serving liquor

The holder of a restaurant liquor licence may, notwithstanding any law to the contrary, sell liquor on any day during the  below prescribed times, only to a person taking an ordinary meal purchased on the licensed premises and consuming the liquor at or immediately before or after the meal.

In terms of the Liquor Act:  Restaurant Liquor Licence  10:00 – 02:00

  • All liquor to be served indoors at designated seating areas with a full meal.
  • No liquor to be consumed outdoors or to be sold other than as permitted in terms of the licence.
  • Music shall be ambient and for background purposes only. Upon receipt of a noise-related complaint by any Melville resident or a member of the South African Police Service, we (“MRA“) undertake  to take reasonable  steps to timeously address the cause of the complaint.
  • There shall be no live performances or entertainment at the premises unless  having obtained an Entertainment Licence.
  • There shall be no transfer of shares, members’ interest of the liquor licence or any other form of  ownership or   means of  control in respect of the proprietor/s of the business of the liquor licence, without  the prior written consent of the Melville Residents’ Association (“MRA“) or its successors in title.
  • Any liquor licence granted in respect of the business and/or its proprietor/s, shall in terms of section 3(2) (b) read with sections 15 and 21 and section37 (3) of the Gauteng Liquor Act, 2003 or any legislation which repeals or amends same, incorporate all the terms and conditions recorded herein as enforceable restrictions forming an integral part of the conditions of such licence. Any contravention of the terms recorded herein shall likewise be deemed to be a contravention of the terms of any liquor licence granted in respect of the business and/or its proprietors’, whether they be natural or legal persons.
  • This agreement and undertaking may not be varied, nor may it be cancelled, in part or as a whole, unless same is recorded in writing and signed on behalf  of the MRA by  a duly authorised representative of the MRA whose mandate to do so shall be obtained from a majority vote of the general membership of the MRA.
  • Insofar as any of the above-mentioned terms are in conflict with the provisions of any legislation, we hereby waive the right to rely upon such conflicting provisions and agree that the terms recorded herein shall take precedence.
  • This undertaking is a material condition for granting of any liquor licence applied for in respect of the business and/or proprietor/s within the municipal boundaries of Melville


Based on this agreement between the MRA Committee and the applicant, the committee withdrew its objection with the Liquor Board.