Liquor Licence Transfer Objection & Complaint: The Band Cafe

The Melville Residents’ Association (“MRA“) has been advised by Mr Leon Slotow, the representative of the applicant, The Band Café (Pty) Ltd, of his client’s intention to apply for the transfer of the restaurant licence issued to Mozi Venture Capital (Pty) Ltd during March 2016, in respect of the mentioned premises. The MRA has no further detail of the application but certain aspects relating to the conduct of the applicants […]


Application for rezoning: Six storey high, dense student housing

  Developers have put in an application to change the zoning of the strip of land between Campus Square and Streatley Avenue, Auckland Park, (the empty strip of land north of Campus Square) to allow for six storey high student housing for the University of Johannesburg.   This piece of land was specifically zoned as a buffer zone between the historical residential area, which has +/-6 properties over 100 years […]