It is your right to participate in decisions about local government.

The Land Use Scheme adopted and approved in terms of the City of Johannesburg Municipal Planning By-law, 2016, shall give effect to the City’s municipal spatial development framework and determine the use and development of land within the City’s area of jurisdiction.

People are often too preoccupied to bother. However, here is one instance where you should pay attention as it affects where Johannesburg residents (YOU) live, work and play.

At the end of last month, the City Council granted permission “to advertise for the purposes of public consultation the Draft Land Use Scheme”.

Guided by the Spatial Planning and Land Use Management Act of 2103, the DRAFT pulls together legislation and 13 previous planning schemes into a single land use scheme for the entire area under City of Johannesburg’s jurisdiction.

The DRAFT, drawn up by the City’s Development Planning Department, is not a party-political document, even if it has political implications.

A 71-page PDF of the DRAFT is attached.

It is recommended that you read the entire document. Points of interest include:

  • Building lines and building restriction areas (along street boundaries only – no side or rear spaces): Clause 33
  • Subsidiary dwelling unit (maximum two?): Clause 21
  • Spaza shops in residential areas: Clause 14 (13) a to i
  • Public participation will last for two months. Public comments will be taken into consideration before the final draft is forwarded to the Council for approval.

Once the Land Use Scheme has been adopted, and before it is put into practice, there will be public workshops and consultations with all affected parties.

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