Dear Melville Residents,

There are currently four liquor licence applications for Melville, but the information around these applications is not forthcoming from the Gauteng Liquor Board. We received one application, for 34 4th Ave for a restaurant licence. The second is also for a restaurant licence at 76A 4th Ave in Melville, but as of 24th August, the GLB claims there is no such application, despite the notice gazetted on 2 August.

The other two applications are resubmissions from July: a tavern and a hotel licence for the corner of 5th Ave and Main Rd, where Melville Hotel and the old Roxy’s building are situated. The applicants withdrew their July applications and resubmitted, which is why there is a need to object again.

We only obtained these resubmissions on Thursday, despite numerous requests and queries. These are in addition to the other two licences for Main Rd (Nineteen45 and Tshiyanama) that were submitted in June.

Current August applications:

1. GLB7000017542, FG Corner, 20 Main Rd, Tavern Licence

2. GLB7000017512, Chiesa di Pazzo Lupi, Restaurant Licence

3. GLB7000017144, Melville Hotel, 4 Fifth Ave, Hotel Licence

4. Bookie Nandipha Tshiela, 27 Boxes, Restaurant Licence (no application yet)

This means that there are six current liquor licence applications within a 500-meter squared area, primarily around the currently problematic premises along Main Road. There are 64 licenses in the 1.72 square kilometer footprint of Melville, excluding licences in Auckland Park and Richmond on our borders. This is a considerably high number of licences for the density and residential nature of most of the suburb.

Given the lack of timely responses from the GLB, the deadline for objections has passed, but an extension has been requested (no reply from GLB as of yet). Therefore, if you choose to do so, please submit your objections urgently.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the MRA Liquor committee via email at

Thank you.